Welcome to the Post High School Planning web site.  Our site is an exhaustive student resource for Post High School planning for whatever the student may be considering for the Post High School years.  As a member, it is yours to use.  And, it's FREEClick here to sign up today.

Inside you'll find resources for Everything a student may need to:
1) explore self
2) research educational opportunities
3) discover scholarships/financial aid
4) develop a complete post-high school plan and portfolio.

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What You'll Find Inside:

- Self-Assessments
Career Information
- School Searches
- Scholarship Searches
- Financial Aid Information
- College Entrance Testing
- Military Information
- College Admissions Information

1.0 Self Awareness Information
2.0 Career Information
3.0 Education Searches
4.0 Financial Aid Information
5.0 College Entrance Testing
6.0 Military Information
7.0 College Admissions Information
8.0 Projects
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